Trash and Recycling Program 
Williamsburg Settlement
the prestigious Katy community

Trash pickup and recycling services for our subdivision are provided under contract by Texas Pride Disposal. 

A resident in good standing who needs to report that their trash or recycling pick-up has been missed or has another issue requiring urgent attention should call Texas Pride Disposal directly at 281-342-8178 and speak to Mark Stein or email them at with a copy to Cindy Bojé at

If the response is unsatisfactory, or the resident has a non-urgent issue that they want to bring to this company's attention, they should direct it to Cindy Bojé at Crest - 281-945-4668 or by emailing her at

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Recycling Collection 
Residents may purchase additional 18-gallon recycle bins ($12), 32-gallon recycle cans ($30), or 65-gallon recycle carts ($75) directly from Texas Pride Disposal.

Texas Pride also can provide Recycling stickers ($5) to adhere to any container of a resident's choice
Where to put your trash:

Texas Pride Disposal will collect residential refuse and up to five (5) bags of yard waste located near the garage or side-yard gate.

Heavy Trash, branches etc. (see above limitations) to be placed at curb.

Trash will be picked up Mondays and Thursdays.
Where to put your material for recycling:


Recycling colleced on Mondays only.
Refrigerators and freezers must be drained of Freon and have a bill to validate that such service was performed. The item(s) can then be placed at the curb for pick up on either of the regular trash collection days.