Yard-of-the-Month - 2018
Williamsburg Settlement
the prestigious Katy community

For further information on the program, please call Jim Calvert at 281-380-8628 
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Each month the yards in our subdivision are judged. If the resident of the one that is considered to have the best display has not won the award within the last two years, is in good standing with the Association and agrees to accept the accolade, it is designated as the Yard-of-the-Month. A sign is placed in that yard throughout the duration of the month, a photograph and write-up are posted here on this web site and the winners are mentioned in our monthly newsletter.

January Winner - Terry and Jo Anne Nickens of 22410 Unicorns Horn
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Terry and Jo Anne have lived in the Settlement for 27 years and have 5 grown children who have provided them with enough grandchildren to keep them well-entertained every time they visit! The Nickens’s yard is beautifully manicured and cared for from the street to the house. The flower beds along both sides of the front of their house are outlined with colorful river rock and large variegated aztec grass. Both beds contain an assortment of shrubs and flowering plants among these being knockout roses, boxwoods, azaleas, and caladiums. There are also several well-trimmed oak trees and crepe myrtles and a “Fido looking for his bone” adding the finishing touch to Terry and Jo Anne’s yard. The front entry is complemented with a nice wrought iron bench along with a potted hibiscus plant.

Terry and Jo Anne say that the Settlement’s overall quietness, beautifully kept yards, friendly neighbors along with its location have made living here all these years such a wonderful experience.
Congratulations Terry and Jo Anne Nickens for being selected Yard-of-the-Month for January. Your continued contribution to the beauty of our neighborhood all these years is greatly appreciated by all.
February Winner - Chris and Shannon Henderson of 22114 Wetherburn
The Henderson’s have lived in the Settlement for the last 15 years. They have no children but do cherish the time they spend with their two wonderful friendly dogs while sharing their backyard accommodations with friends and family. This allows them to enjoy the tranquility one looks for after a long week of work. Having served in the lawn service business for the last 26 years Chris is the owner/operator of Lawn Solutions located in the Katy area, while Shannon has worked in the funeral industry for over 13 years most recently starting at Houston’s Mortuary College, Commonwealth Institute of Funeral Service.

Viewing the Henderson’s home from the street one notices the beautifully laid southwestern stone work that blends within the original brickwork. The front of their home starts with several mature pine trees both accented with flowering and non-flowering plants. A couple of Adirondack chairs sit in front of several fan palms and large philodendron plants adding to this peaceful scenery. An Arizona blue ice cypress sits at the garage corner while their flower beds along both the garage and front of their home are planted with a variety of plants. These include gold durantas, snapdragons, violas, alyssum, dianella, red sisters, encore azaleas, with two Windmill palms along with a Mediterranean palm finishing out the current look of their home.

When asked what they each love about the Settlement both said that it’s the quietness, trees, convenient location and the variety of different homes throughout the subdivision.

Thank you Chris and Shannon Henderson for your contribution in maintaining such consistent care which adds to the beautiful appearance of our neighborhood. Congratulations on being awarded the 2018 February Yard-of-the-Month.