Perimeter Fence
Williamsburg Settlement
the prestigious Katy community

Some background:

Responsibility for the perimeter fence was assumed by the Board in 1992 by a vote of the Association Membership and via a legal process that lasted a few years in which all but a very few residents who lived around our perimeter signed fence easement agreements. The purpose of this transfer of responsibility was to ensure that a fence would be erected that was uniform in design and would be maintained to a consistent standard thus protecting the aesthetic appeal and hence property values of the neighborhood for the benefit of all residents.

For the last few years prior to the recent replacement program the fence was maintained on an as-needed basis by a group of volunteers, and when hurricane Ike struck in 2008, 2,846 linear feet was completely replaced.

By late 2015 it was realized that so much of the remaining initial fence had deteriorated to the point at which piecemeal repair was no longer practical a major replacement program was needed. This was begun in 2015 and all but a few sections that are shared by the Grand Parkway Senior Apartments was completed in the early part of 2017.

Routine Maintenance Issues:

A major cause of deterioration of the fence is the growth of vegetation, including some trees, within the 5 foot Association easement along the inside of the fence line. Residents whose yards have a boundary with the perimeter fence are asked to continually inspect their vegetation and remove all that which is causing damage to this fence both above and below ground. There are many situations in which roots are causing a lot of damage. 

All residents who live along the fence line are encouraged to regularly inspect their section of the perimeter fence and report needed repairs via the Fence Repair Request form. In so doing, it would be of great benefit to all residents if those noting problems would express their willingness to perform minor repairs, such as replacing pickets, themselves. To maintain the standard of the fence these resident would be given a brief technical specification of the fence construction and to keep this legal would be asked to complete a WSMA  Perimeter Fence Agreement. On acceptance and submission of the Fence Materials Request form any approved material would be supplied by the Association.

Recognizing that some residents are not able to perform such manual work themselves, to keep the maintenance cost down the Board also solicits help from able-bodied volunteers who are prepared to periodically volunteer some time to fence maintenance tasks under the direction of the responsible Board member.

Closing comments:

The Board works very hard to maintain the subdivision and its amenities to as high a standard as possible while continuing to control our annual maintenance fees. To this end it does appreciate the efforts of residents living along the fence line, and volunteers, in helping arrest deterioration of this fence and thus extending the time before a subsequent replacement becomes necessary.

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Your Board of Directors
Perimeter Fence Agreement
Fence Materials Request
Fence Repair Request
Mail the completed Perimeter Fence Agreement Form (only) to:Mr.C. O. Holt 
22426 Wetherburn Lane
Phographs of new fence construction
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Outer Detail 2
Inner Detail 1
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Ownership Details of Tracts Outside of our Perimeter Fence
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Some Statistics

Perimeter Fence built in 1992 time period ( Phase 1-5)                       13,682 ft

Replaced by Insurance in 2008 and some in 2011                                 3,032 ft
Fence replaced in  2016                                                                       10,404 ft

Approximate perimeter fence section:lengths:

Colonial Parkway                  2,641 ft
Mason Creek                        3,166 ft
West Side                             2,336 ft
Franz Road                           2,512 ft
Fogle/ Franz Plaza               1,205 ft
Mason Road                         1,823 ft
Total                                    13,682 ft

No Easement Agreements were found for 6 residents along the perimeter Fence, one with zero distance, one where the Association offset and built on Association property (Colonial Parkway) and the other 4 where residents have built their own fences.
Perimeter Fence Forms
Perimeter Fence Easements