Williamsburg Settlement
the prestigious Katy community

Please be assured that the email addresses that you register will not be divulged to any third party. The entry of email addresses to this mailing list is handled automatically and these addresses will be used solely for the purpose of distribution of emails by the webmaster to those who have registered.

If you need to inform other residents of lost or found pets the most effective method is a Facebook posting. There are currently more members subscribed to the Facebook Settlement group than there are homes! That is a lot of eyes covering all parts of the subdivision so a posting on this Facebook group will have the highest chance of success.
Whenever there is significant new information on this web site an email will be broadcast to all Williamsburg Settlement residents who have registered their email address with us. All Settlement residents are encouraged to register as this provides the Board with a cost effective way to communicate matters of importance in a timely manner. If you have previously registered but not provided all the information in the fields below, please update your registration so that in future will be able to customize the mailing lists so that you only receive those that are relevant to you.

Thanks, we appreciate your cooperation.
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