Important Telephone Numbers and Contact Information
Williamsburg Settlement
the prestigious Katy community

Harris County Sheriff's Office                                  713-221-6000

Poison Control Center   1-800-764-7661
ALL EMERGENCIES:                                     911
To Report a Street Light Outages   713-207-2222
or:Report outage on line
Water Problems

MUD 61 or MUD 62                                                   281-347-8686    
                                                                                           Report a Leak
Gas Problems    713-659-2111
Locating buried utility lines   1-800-545-6005
or:   Call Before You Dig
The main number for Commissioner Lesley Briones's office can be used to report such things as:

-Required Street Repairs

-Drainage Issues

-Dead Animal Pick-Up

-Any clean-up required in unincorporated areas i.e. outside of
  Houston City Limits.

Harris County Emergency Services District # 48 
        Fire Department - (HCESD-48 FD)                   281-599-8888
                                       Write to us:                [email protected]                                           

For those who want to write - the address to use is:
1001 Preston, Suite 950
Houston, TX 77002
For services provided, see the          County Pets web site
Questions concerning solid waste
Contact the Solid Waste Section at 
Environmental Public Health Division.
G.O. Weiss Greenhouse Road Landfill
3510 Greenhouse Road
(713) 920-2831

     Solid Waste Section
Disposal of Hazardous WasteEarth 911 Site
Crest Management Company

Switchboard                                                              281-579-0761
Cindy (WSMA  Community Manager)                     281-945-4668.

Mailing and email Addresses 

Green Star Recycling Center
Web Site
Pool Lifeguard Phone281-347-0805
Harris County Public Health & Environmental Services (HCPHES)
To Report an Electrical Outage     1-800-332-7143
Electrical Problems
Taxing Authorities

Harris County Tax Office (County and KISD Taxes)    713-368-2000

                                                                             Web Site   

MUD Taxes                                                           713 462-8906

                                                                             Web Site
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Harris County Permits Office                                 713-956-3000
Veterinary Public Health
CenterPoint Outage Tracker Website
Clean Waterways
KISD Police                                                                281-391-4848
Harris County Household Hazardous Waste facility
Harris County Health Department                         713-439-6000
Harris County Environmental  Department          713-274-6300
Harris County Residential Debris and 
Damage Assessment Hotline                              713-274-3880
Neighborhood Nuisance Complaints
Harris County Precinct 4 Website

For assistance, please call 832-927-4444 or email: [email protected]
For debris blocking roads or malfunctioning traffic lights, call 311