Board Members and Other Volunteers
Williamsburg Settlement
the prestigious Katy community

Welcoming of New Residents                 Floyd Ball
Telephone: 281-347-2868
Email:​  [email protected]
Secretary/Treasurer and
Communications Chairperson:                      Dave Ellis
Telephone: 281-347-2580
Email:       [email protected]
                                Katy Hall 
Telephone:  713-569-4530
 Email:[email protected]
Dave will continue to interface with the contractors on the repair of any common area electrical equipment and is responsible for keys to all WSMA assets
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Term Expiry Date:2021
​and Community Events Chairperson
Telephone:   281-347-0233
Term Expiry Date:2020
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Dave is also responsible for the Pool and Clubhouse Maintenance and Rental
Security, Fence and Flags:

Telephone: 281-347-8702
Email: [email protected]
Term Expiry Date:2021
Email:  [email protected]
Swim Team
Other Volunteers
Deed Restriction Chairperson                       Jim Calvert
and Yard-of-the-Month Chairperson
Telephone: 281-380-8628 
Email: [email protected]
Term Expiry Date:2019
Telephone: 832-413-2432
Term Expiry Date:2020
Email: [email protected]
Tennis Leagues Liaison
Karen Mace               Telephone: 281-347-4058
Email[email protected]
Vice President and Architectural 
Review Committee Chairperson: 
Ed also has responsibility for Association Signage
Director                                                    Vacant
Telephone: N/A
Term Expiry Date:2019
CO Holt
Chris Cox
Ed Shipley
Landscaping                                            Bill Petry

Telephone: 281-347-6465
Email: [email protected]
Term Expiry Date:2020
Men's Tennis Liaison
Mark Enns               Telephone: 281-347-6579
Email[email protected]