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Williamsburg Settlement Maintenance Association

Dear New Resident:

The residents and Board of Directors of Williamsburg Settlement Maintenance Association (WSMA) welcome you to our neighborhood. We hope the following information will help you enjoy the services provided and amenities available and make your relocation to our neighborhood a little smoother.

The Board thanks you for visiting this official WSMA site, which is intended to be the definitive source for information on our subdivision. Whenever there is important information that the Board would like to quickly communicate to our residents an email will be broadcast to all those who have registered their email addresses via the Registration page of this site. All residents are encouraged to register their email address as this provides the Board with a cost-effective way to quickly communicate matters of importance. To keep you informed of subdivision news as well as that from the surrounding neighborhood the Krenek Printing Company maintains a My Neighborhood News (MNN) website page for the Settlement. Residents are encouraged to also enter their email addresses in the pop-up that opens when the site is selected so that they can be sent weekly digests of neighborhood news as well as the monthly update provided by the Board.

If you have a Settlement question, please look for the answer on this WSMA website and if you can’t find what you are seeking feel free to communicate with any of the Board members listed on the Board Members page or to submit your question on the Feedback/Questions page.

There are also Facebook and Nextdoor pages set up for Williamsburg Settlement that many residents like to use to communicate and share information with their neighbors. These social media sites are not officially monitored by the Board so be aware that they should not be considered as sources of definitive information. 


Management of the WSMA is the responsibility of a board of directors elected by the WSMA members i.e. Settlement property owners. This body is referred to as the "Board". Its responsibility is  to manage the Association in acordance with the legal documents listed on the Governing Documents page of this website. To provide accounting and administrative services to our Association the Board uses Crest Management Company. Crest services include communication with all the service contractors, billing and collection of maintenance fees, deed restriction monitoring, architectural control monitoring and responding to questions and complaints. All correspondence on such issues should be sent to the address given on the Crest Management Company page of this website. This page has a link to Crest's secure website on which there is a portal that residents can use to make payments or just to access detailed information on their individual accounts. Each resident will be sent a personal ID code once their information is entered into the Crest database. This website also provides a number of additional on-line services so once you are registered please take a few minutes to acquaint yourself with the features it provides. Step-by-step instructions on the use of the Crest website (portal) are given in the Homeowner Portal Users Guide.


The WSMA Board meets at 6:00 pm at the clubhouse at 1602 Hoyt Lane on the third Tuesday of each month except April, September and December. The meeting in April is the annual meeting at which Board Members are elected and starts with registration between 6:30 to 7:00 pm. The September meeting is usually held at the Crest office as it is the meeting at which the Budget is set for the following year. There is no scheduled meeting in December. All meetings are open to the public. The annual meeting schedule is given on the Board Meetings page of this website

Deed Restrictions:

Each resident (owner or tenant) has agreed to abide by the recorded Deed Restrictions when purchasing a home in the Settlement. These restrictions are the means of providing legal protection of your investment. Periodically, our management company and directors visually review the subdivision, noting violations and investigate any concerns brought to their attention by neighbors. All noted problems are acted upon by procedures set forth in the Deed Restrictions to the point of legal action if the problems are not corrected in a timely manner. Should you encounter any problems with deed restrictions, contact Jade - Assistant Manager, [email protected], 281-945-4656. 

Architectural Control:

Controls on all exterior modifications to a property are necessary to eliminate any unforeseen problems for homeowners and to maintain the aesthetic appeal of the neighborhood. Prior to any building repairs or improvements all plans and documents must be submitted to the Architectural Control Committee (ARC) for approval by completing an External Modification Request (EMR) on the Crest website. For convenience, a link is also posted on the Forms page of this website. The ARC is a committee of residents appointed by the Board to evaluate and give approvals or denials of EMRs independent of the Board, which will only become involved if a resident appeals a denial. To make its decisions the ARC evaluates each EMR for compliance with the Architectural Review Committee Guidelines for our subdivision. For details, again direct your inquiries to Jade at [email protected], 281-945-4656.


Water and sewer services are provided to our homes by Municipal Utility Districts #61 (Sections 1 & 2) and #62 (Section 3). A Municipal Utility District (MUD) is an entity set up under the rules and guidelines of the State of Texas to provide these services. Our MUDs also contract with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO) to provide security patrols covering their service areas, including our subdivision. If you have an emergency, however, call 911. The Non-emergency number is (713)-221-6000. Both MUD 61 & 62 are operated by Municipal Operations & Consulting, Inc. (MOC) located at 1825 N. Mason Road, Katy.  

Trash Collection/Recycling:

Payment for trash pick-up is included in your annual maintenance fee. Trash pick-up is on Mondays and Thursdays. Heavy trash is picked up at the curbside on either of the collection days. Your household trash should be properly placed at your garage door area by 7:00 a.m. on trash pick-up days to assure pick-up. If a holiday falls on a scheduled trash pick-up day, then your trash will not be picked up until the next scheduled day.

Recycling pick-up is on Mondays and each home has been given an 18-gallon recycling bin for this purpose. If the previous owners did not leave the bin for you, you can request a replacement by calling Texas Pride Disposal at 281-342-8178. Your recycling container should be placed at the curb (remember, trash pick-up is garage door area, recycling is curbside). A detailed list of materials that will be accepted for recycling is provided on the Trash & Recycling page of this website.

Swimming Pool:

Access to the Settlement swimming pool during the swim season requires each resident to display a current year’s pool tag. The Swimming Pool page provides details of how these can be obtained. 

The pool hours and the pool rules are posted on this page and the rules are also posted at the pool.

Tennis Courts:

The Tennis Courts page of this website provides details of tennis court use for both tennis and pickleball. Residents in good standing can obtain a key to the tennis courts from our management company by completing and sending a Tennis Court Key Application form with a $15.00 refundable deposit to Cindy our Community Manager, [email protected], 281-945-4668.

In Conclusion …

We hope that you find this information useful, and that the years you are able to spend as a Settlement resident prove to be pleasant and enjoyable. If you have further questions on any Settlement issue, we urge you to first check on this site where you will probably find the answer. If you don’t find what you are seeking, then feel free to call any of the Board members at the numbers on the website or by posting your question on the Feedback/Questions page. The Board members’ telephone numbers and areas of responsibilities are also listed on the My Neighborhood News website. You can also call one of our representatives at Crest. You will find them very helpful.


The WSMA Board

  Crest Management Company 
  P. O. Box 219320, Houston, Texas 77218-9320 or
  17171 Park Row, Suite 310, Houston, Texas 77084

  Cindy - CMCA-Community Manager, [email protected], 281-945-4668
  Jade - Assistant Community Manager, [email protected], 281-945-4656 
  Laura - Community Accountant, [email protected], 281-945-4639
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