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(per ARTICLE 21 of the Deed Restrictions. Data is from CPI Index.)
CPI for Annual Trash Collection Fee Increase
Map of MUD Boundaries
Texas Transportation Code - Parking
WSMA Tax ID # 74-193-3916
Commissioner Raddack's Traffic Engineer
Paul Hawkins - [email protected]
City of Houston Planning Department
Call 832-393-6624 and ask for the planner of the day
Harris County Permits Office                                 
Bill Hunter                                                                       713-956-3000
Tracie                                                                                281-463-6300
Precinct Engineering.
Storm Drain Inspections.
Greg WyattExtn 116
Monument Cleaning Technique
Texas Property Code 202.(See Section 009 for rules on display of political signs)
The New Dimensions Graffiti Shield System Documents
Graffiti Shield
One Coat Primer
Approved Contractors
Playground Graffiti Cleaner
Clubhouse Keys Directory
Max permisable maintenance fee
WSMA Key Inventory
Articles of Incorporation with Amendments Incorporated into Text
Some Useful Contacts
WSMA Clubhouse and Pool Area Electrical Layout
Ownership of Tracts Outside of the WSMA Perimeter Fence
Harris County Attorney's Website
Restroom Dryers
Tennis Court Lights Repair Record
End of Page
County Ruling on Speed Bumps
Texas Property Code - (Chapter 209. Texas Residential Property Owners Protection Act)
Clubhouse and Pool Plan View
Links to additional Pages
Paul Jackson                                                                  713-274-3829
Clubhouse Exterior Paint Specs
Sprinkler Backflow Preventer Test Reports 123016
2022 - 2027 Electricity Contract
Cul-de-sac Islands - July 2021
How to convert to a gated community
Legal Article on Gated Communities - May 2017
Audit Report 2022
2024 - 2024 Landscape Contract
2021 Insurance Certificate
Contract Expiry Dates
Mosquito Fogging Contract - 2023 thru 2025
Crest Portal Document Naming Rules
Programs used for Community Events postings:

    Christmas Holiday Yard Contest Ballot - https://www.surveyhero.com/create-survey

    Garage Sale Maps - https://batchgeo.com   or  https://easymapmaker.com

    Parade maps - https://www.google.com/maps
Swim Team Agreement
Tennis Leagues Agreement
Pest Control (an evergreen contract)
2023 - 2024 Pool Management Contract
Car Port and Porte Cochér History - as of September 2018
Hunter Battery Operated Sprinkler controller Manual (Used on cul-de-sac islands)
National Reserve Study Standards
2020 -  Crest Management Contract
Reserve Studies
2020 Reserve Study Prepared by Association Reserves
Tennis Court Windscreens
Subcontractor Liability Insurance Recommendation by Mark A. Conner, CIC, CIRMS, Managing Director of Higginbotham, our Insurance Agent:

"our recommendation remains for any subcontractor you use to have at least $1,000,000 in liability coverage to work for the association"

The rationale for this recommendation is given in this article
County Infrastructure Issues   -   email [email protected]
WSMA_2020 Reserve Fund Study
WSMA_2020 Reserve Fund Study
Pool Water Capacity
Pool Filter Certificate
Contract Extension through 2026
Listng of Homes with Painted Brick
2024 Reserve Study
2024 Reserve Study
2023- 2024 Addendum