Yard-of-the-Month - 2021
Williamsburg Settlement
the prestigious Katy community

For further information on the program, please call Jim Calvert at 281-380-8628 
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Each month the yards in our subdivision are judged. If the resident of the one that is considered to have the best display has not won the award within the last two years, is in good standing with the Association and agrees to accept the accolade, it is designated as the Yard-of-the-Month. A sign is placed in that yard throughout the duration of the month, a photograph and write-up are posted here on this web site and the winners are mentioned in our monthly newsletter.

Latest Award
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January Winner - The Lynch family of 22534 Prince George Street.  
The Lynches have lived in the Settlement for 33 years. They have a dog, and two grown daughters who attended Winborn Elementary school.

Mrs. Lynch is a retired school teacher whose hobbies include cooking, baking, animal rescue, fostering felines and when relaxing enjoys movies and reading.

The Lynches' yard, well balanced in design, consists of two different size Japanese blueberry trees that accent both the front entry and the corners of their home. The front beds, each bordered with natural looking stone, are filled with well-manicured boxwoods and are garnished with colorful snapdragons. You'll notice several large flower pots filled with snapdragons, dusty miller, and red and pink cyclamen. The large oak tree in the front is bordered by natural looking stone and is surrounded with a golden glove ground cover that blooms with beautiful yellow flowers in both summer and spring. Azaleas on the side bloom with lovely colors in the spring. Ferns, ivy, pink knockout roses, snapdragons, and a variety of flowers, finish out the backyard. 

The Lynches said that with the Settlement’s great location, seeing so many families walking together, bike riding, pet walking, kids playing at the parks and the memories over the years, makes for a very outstanding family-friendly neighborhood. 

Congratulations to the Lynch Family for being the recipient of the Yard of the Month for January 2021. Your continued addition to the beauty of the Settlement all these years is greatly appreciated.

February Winner -  Dave and Jan Henson of 22706 Royal Arms Ct.  
The Hensons have lived in the Settlement for 27 years. They have 2 children: daughter Ashley, a 9th grade teacher at Seven Lakes High School and son Justin, an engineer with Shell Oil Company. Justin’s wife Heather is a dermatologist in the Houston area. The Hensons also have 2 grandchildren, Calum and Elodie.

Jan and Dave are both retired, Jan after a long career in administration with KISD and Dave after a similarly long career as an executive in the Oil and Gas industry with Halliburton in Houston. 

Knowing little about the Houston area when they moved here 27 years ago they rented a home in the Settlement. It didn’t take them long to realize that this would be a great place to raise their family so they purchased their present home. It was then, as it is now, a very nice quiet neighborhood with well-maintained homes, friendly folks and the safe feeling of living in a small community where kids can 'roam' enjoying the neighborhood with its community pool, tennis courts and park areas. The development surrounding the Settlement has flourished but seemingly with businesses that complement the neighborhood while continuing to allow easy access to the vast Katy/Houston area. 

The Henson’s front yard has 2 very beautiful mature oak trees, a pecan tree and numerous flower beds all outlined in tan flagstone. The entry walkway flower beds are filled with beautiful large nandinas. Each of the flower beds surrounding the trees are filled with Indian Hawthorne. The large raised stone bed which wraps around the front of their home and is outlined in monkey grass contains a variety of beautiful plants including crepe myrtles, pink azaleas, holly bushes, boxwoods, spider plants and additional large nandinas. The wrap-around porch with its beautiful cypress wood porch swing allows them the opportunity to just sit and enjoy the quietness, the view and their neighbors.  

Congratulations Jan and Dave Henson on receiving our February 2021 Yard of the Month Award. Your home's beautiful contribution to the Settlement is greatly appreciated by all.

March - No award to to the big freeze! 
April Winner -  Chris and Lori Bode of 22607 Bucktrout 
The Bode's adventure in the Settlement began back in 1987 when Chris bought a home just down the street from where they are today. In 1991 they were married, then in 2005 they saw their current house for sale. Curious they stopped to investigate, discovering it had everything they needed, was in the neighborhood they loved and the kids could still walk to school. So they bought it and moved 10 houses down from the first home!

The Bodes have 2 boys. Ryan 27 lives in Maryland and works for Maryland Sound International as a sound technician. His company worked on the 2021 Inauguration for President Biden. Matthew 24 lives in Hockley, and works for Reynolds and Reynolds as a marketing analyst.

Chris retired from Conoco Phillips in 2018. He enjoys working in the yard, keeping up the pool, and growing a garden. Lori, a former school teacher and former Asistant Director at Holy Covenant Child Development Center, loves running half marathons and doing craftwork. They both love to travel. Before the pandemic, they traveled widely including visiting many cities where the Astros would be playing. They said "We can't wait to get back to that!"

One of the first things you'll notice in their front lawn are the two beautifully shaped live oaks. Having them fertilized in the fall due to leaf loss they believe has helped to get their grass so green. Other than having to replace the begonias from the winter storm they fared pretty well in the recent freeze. The front beds are filled with a variety of plants that include newly planted pink begonias, well-trimmed holly, boxwoods, crepe myrtles accenting each end of their home's flower beds and retips lining their driveway. There's a sago palm they had to cut back in hopes of producing new leaves. They are especially fond of the purple flowering plants near the front of the beds at the walkway. They said that they have no idea what they are called but are happy to see new growth after the freeze!

Chris and Lori say they love that they've made so many wonderful friends over the years. They commented “From participating in school activities to spending summers at swim meets, our entire family has made many lifelong friendships. There's a real family feeling to this neighborhood. When you see people walking or riding their bikes along the streets they wave or greet you. When the storms hit, like the winter storm we just had, neighbors get out and help each other. Anyone who looks at the neighborhood Facebook group will see how we all help each other out. You don't find that in a lot of places. We wish everyone well as they work to get their home and yard back in shape after the freeze.” 

Congratulations Chris and Lori Bode in being awarded April 2021 Yard of the Month. Your kindness, gratitude, and well wishes for our community are greatly appreciated. 

May Winner -  Viki Henson LeCamu and Gary LeCamu of 22403 S. Rebecca Burwell
Vicki and Gary were married in 2019 after dating for 20 years! At home their “baby” is their 13 year old dog Molly. Their son, Steven LeCamu, lives in Denver, Colorado with his wife Sloan.

Vicki is now retired after working for Chevron Corporation for 40 years and now keeps herself busy working with glass mosaics and fusing along with her gardening. Gary is still working running two businesses. 

As they live on a corner lot Vicki and Gary have a huge yard which they put to excellent use by filling it with a large variety of trees and plants. The front yard contains two well-maintained pine trees, surrounded with wandering purple jew which has small pink flowers that the bees love. They also have a beautiful white magnolia tree that has paperwhite bulbs in the bed below it. Like so many of our yards theirs also is still recuperating from the damage done by our February freeze. Their beautiful ivy in that bed froze and has not yet shown signs of life - but they say that they still have hope! Their yard also has a couple of oak trees and a large pecan tree from which the squirrels get most of the pecans. But Vicki and Gary say they don’t mind! Surrounding the house are flower beds with a large variety of plants including a red tip photinia; more wandering purple jew; a pink pillow shamrock plant that dies down in the heat of the summer; purple salvia and lantanas in red, yellow, orange and pink. The pink azaleas in those beds froze but are now showing signs of life as are several of their hibiscus plants. These beds also include orange cannas; white crepe myrtle; spider plants and roses in red, pink and yellow. Their yard is certified by monarchwatch.org as providing a monarch butterfly friendly environment. In the center of the side yard, they have many milkweed plants for the monarch butterflies and caterpillars and in that same bed thy have a large leaf milkweed as they do in their backyard. Continuing the butterfly friendly theme their backyard also has milkweed and pipevine plants

All the flower beds in the front are surrounded by beautiful natural brown rocks. At the front door entrance, there are several pot plants one being a huge Christmas cactus. There are also two ivies, one named monstera adansonia swiss cheese and the other is a money plant ivy. There is also a miniature cypress tree that Vicki got at Christmas and which still has the bow on it!

Vicki says that the thing she likes about the Settlement are the wonderful people who live here and the mature trees that you can only have in a subdivision as old as ours.

Our congratulations go to Vicki and Gary in being awarded May 2021 Yard of the Month. The result of the effort that they spend on their yard is much appreciated by all of us – as well as by the monarch butterflies! 

June Winner -  Les and Rebecca (Becky) Williams of 22514 Unicorns Horn Ln.
Les and Becky have lived in the Settlement for 21years. They have two sons, both of whom attended Winborn Elementary, Katy Junior High, and then Morton Ranch High School.

Les has been employed with San Jacinto College's Main Campus for 33 years where he is Director of Audio Engineering. He's a musician, producer and does audio and lighting design for Worship Media Productions. Rebecca has been a recording vocalist and musician for 50 years and is currently performing with the group SASS (Seriously Addictive Sound Studios) in the Houston area. She's also VP of the non-profit "Chirps for Charity"; an organization that raises funds for student music scholars

When not involved with work or performing they both like to travel, enjoy music, entertain at home, and relaxing in their newly decorated backyard where Becky enjoys building fairy gardens. The sense of community in the area and the uniqueness of each home contribute to their enjoyment of living in the Settlement. It's their forever place to live.

Their front yard has two oak and crepe myrtle trees with flower beds of white and purple Angelonia, petunias, and multi colored impatiens, The front bed by the house is framed with boxwood, Ruby loropetalum, multicolored petunias, angelonia and impatiens. There are two large ivy plants located on the front porch that are over 10 years old. 

They attribute the outstanding appearances of their yard to that of both their landscape and lawn maintenance persons.

Congratulations Les and Becky Williams for being awarded our June 2021 Yard of the Month. Your continued contributions of adding beauty to our community are greatly appreciated.