Yard-of-the-Month - 2023
Williamsburg Settlement
the prestigious Katy community

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Each month the yards in our subdivision are judged. If the resident of the one that is considered to have the best display has not won the award within the last two years, is in good standing with the Association and agrees to accept the accolade, it is designated as the Yard-of-the-Month. A sign is placed in that yard throughout the duration of the month, a photograph and write-up are posted here on this web site and on the My Neighborhood News website - which is the successor to our montly newsletter.

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April Winner - Bob and Jana Kincaid of 22718 Spatswood Lane
Due to the severe freeze at the beginning of this year, the first month that a 2023 Yard-of-the- Month was awarded was April.
Bob and Jana Kincaid have lived in The Settlement since May of 2004. They have 2 children, Chris and Courtney and an amazing daughter in law, Kelley. They also have 2 adorable grandchildren, Caleb and Luke.

Bob works for Advantage Business Capital, a subsidiary of Central Bank and Jana gets to keep the grandkids a few days a week. Bob enjoys gardening, reading books and following Aggie sports! Jana enjoys cooking, arts and crafts and gardening.

From Jana-
“We love this neighborhood for many reasons. We love our neighbors, and how everyone is so willing to help each other out. We love that we have an HOA that truly cares about the quality of our neighborhood! When we first started looking for a home, we fell in love with this subdivision. The homes and yards were all so pretty and we loved all of the trees.” 

Their kids also had friends in the neighborhood which made it even better.

They recently redid the front yard and put in sunshine ligustrum and azaleas. They have knockout roses around the crepe myrtle trees. There are yaupon holly shrubs and agapanthus across the front too. They added drift roses to the 2 beds around the pine trees and add pansies and snapdragons for fall and winter, and periwinkle in the spring/summer. Jana’s favorite thing about their front yard are the bulbs they got from her parents home after they passed away. Her father was a certified Master Gardener. They added yellow flag irises, bearded irises and red amaryllis from his yard. 

Her Father would surely be proud of the work they’ve done! 
YOM Co-chairs: Heather Colkos
                                Sachie Etherington
May Winner - Dan and Sharon Jefferson of 1506 Durfey Lane
Sharon moved into the Settlement in 1978 and Dan joined the household in 1985. They are both retired Schlumberger employees who are happy there is more time to enjoy the fruits of their combined 63 years working in the oilfield. Relaxing around their backyard pool has become a calming respite from outside stresses.

A few years ago, they added a winding flagstone path bordering the original bed along the front wall. The north end of the path is flanked by Formosa azaleas from Sharon’s ex mother-in-law’s yard. Since the Formosas are approaching 61 years old, Dan babies them through each freeze. Also in the yard is a Mexican palm to anchor the bed on the street side of the path. The island beds on each side of the yard include 45-year-old crepe myrtles, red tip photenia, Japanese boxwood and Asiatic jasmine ground cover.

Together, Dan and Sharon have selected encore azaleas, loropetalum and Aztec grass for contrast, seasonal color with red begonias in summer and red cyclamen in winter to match the red front doors as well as queen fern to soften the porch at the doors. One of the original pine trees began to lean so it was replaced by a shumard oak that is named Hermione. She has become the splendiferous grand dame of the yard! 

Congratulations to Dan and Sharon on receiving this well-deserved award!
June Winner - Patti and Richard Collier of 22402 Prince George Street
The Colliers have lived in the Settlement for 31 years and raised their children in the neighborhood. You may often see them working in their yard during the mornings, since they do all their own landscaping from mowing the grass to tending the flower beds.

They love living in the Settlement because of the large and numerous trees, different style of home architecture and friendly neighbors. Their grandchildren also get to visit quite often and can enjoy the neighborhood as well.

Recently the Colliers have replaced older shrubs with new plants, therefore the full potential of the landscaping is yet to come. However, their middle bed consists of bridal wreath, Texas sage, thryallis, blue plumbago, belladonna lilies and seasonal vincas on the end for added color during the summer. Pink azaleas still line the house on the right, while seasonal color azaleas are on the left of the house. Around the pine tree, they have placed silver mound artemisia and purple rock cress. Of all the plants listed, they highly recommend amaryllis belladonnas in a yard since these plants are low maintenance with beautiful flowers.

Congratulations to the Colliers for being June's recipient of the Yard of the Month!

Photos by: Jerrie St. Amant
July Winner - Frank and Malynn Rodriguez of 22102 Vobe Court
July’s Yard of the Month winners are Frank and Malynn Rodriguez who live in a beautiful house on the corner of Vobe and Abby Aldrich. Growing up and being longtime residents of Katy, they have raised one son here and now have four grandsons.

As owners in the Settlement for 18 years, they love the neighborhood for its friendly community and tall mature trees. The Rodriguezes have performed most of the landscaping themselves, calling it a “labor of love.” However, Malynn is quick to note they could not have done it alone; Chris Henderson, a neighbor as well as an owner of a landscaping company, maintains and provides the Rodriguezes with guidance for their yard.

Malynn and Frank have learned through trial and error with many plants and currently have a yard that is more structured with a mix of aloe, boxwoods and a few evergreens with some pops of color from the society garlic, agapanthus and hibiscus. Of all the plants in their front yard, Malynn recommends growing agapanthus, since it can survive both the hot summers and cold winters. “When it’s blooming, it is just beautiful.” 

 Give a big congratulations to July’s YOM winners!!!

August Winner - Barry and Sandy Medlock of 22307 Joshua Kendell Lane
Barry and Sandy Medlock will celebrate their 35th year in the Settlement on August 2nd! They love the small neighborhood feel of The Settlement, and love that as people move in and out, it stays young! “It is a hidden gem, with fast access to freeways and hospitals, great KISD schools and many private schools in close proximity”

Barry and Sandy proudly maintain all of their beautiful landscaping on their own, using only a mowing service for the grass. 

You can find in their yard, beautiful crepe myrtles, A stunning white oak with yellow-bells (esperanza) blue plumbagos, a sprinkling of periwinkles, dianthus and begonias and box wood hedges with accents of midnight Carolina and knockout roses. 

They would love to recommend esperanza for our neighbors venturing into the gardening world because of its ease to grow, beautiful yellow cluster blossoms and if you trim it to 8 inches after winter, you will enjoy its beauty for years to come. 

Congratulations and thank you for sharing your yard with us Sandy and Barry!!
September Winner - Ms. Linda Scott of 1618 Calveryman Lane
September 2023’s Yard of the Month winner is Ms. Linda Scott who has lived in the Williamsburg Settlement for 31 and a half years! Like many of us, Ms. Scott says the subdivision is a hidden gem on the north side of I-10 that is quiet and safe.  

Linda is very busy with six adorable grandchildren from two awesome sons and daughters-in-law. She also has worked at ConocoPhillips for over 43 years, therefore Mr. Juan Sanchez helps her to maintain her front and back yards. Juan is a verified landscaper who assists Linda with irrigation, and planting and trimming of her flowers, shrubs and trees.  

Her front yard has a variety of colors from the red, pink, white vincas, as well as the blue from blue daze. Of all her plants, Linda recommends a pink crepe myrtle is a must, since it gives shade and color while surviving both our summers and winters.

Congratulations to our September 2023 Yard-of-the-Month winner, Ms. Linda Scott!
October Winner - Dana (formerly Johannsen) and Wayne Medford of                                      1707 Palace Green Ct.  
The Yard of the Month for October 2023 is awarded to Dana (formerly Johannsen) and Wayne Medford of 1707 Palace Green Ct.  

Dana and her husband Wayne have lived a combined total of 27 years in the Settlement. They are so proud of the family they have raised here together. Dallas 25, Dustin 24 and Darian 22. Dallas is a teacher at McDonald JH, Dustin is a Journeyman with CenterPoint and Darian just graduated from Austin College in Sherman, TX. She is now workig full time for AC running the IT Department.

Dana spends her days working on home projects, working in their yard and crafting. Wayne is a Certified Welding Inspector who in his spare time also enjoys home projects and spending time helping Dana keep their home looking beautiful.

Dana and Wayne's home is landscaped with a Southwestern look. The flower beds across the front of their home are lined with limestone rock which contain a variety of plants that include lantanas, drift roses, boxwoods, and irises all accented with landscaping lights at night. The large atrium located just right of their front entry is decorated with a variety of succulents and flowering cactus plants. The pines trees are lined with the same stone, neatly mulched and each accented with a large Texas step stone. 

Congratulations Dana and Wayne! Your yard is lovely and your decor is so sweet and festive!!! Happy Fall y’all!!

November Winner - Mr. Alex Self of 22707 Royal Arms Court
November’s Yard of the Month recipient is longtime resident Mr. Alex Self. Mr. Self has lived in the Williamsburg Settlement for 27 years and like many others, enjoys the safe and friendly environment that the neighborhood has to offer.

Living on a quaint cul-de-sac across from Diane Winborn Elementary School, Mr. Self choses to keep his front yard very low maintenance with green perennials instead of planting colorful annuals. By doing so, he can maintain his yard himself although he does have a lawn service to mow the grass.

He has a row of neatly trimmed hedges with variegated liriope and two tall trees that contrast nicely with the front porch. His grass and hedges have managed to remain lush and green, although the summer drought did take out one of his bushes at the edge of his yard. Of all the foliage he has in his yard, Mr. Self recommends perennial hedges for landscaping the front of the house.  

We are very thankful to have another longtime resident of the Settlement who continues to maintain their own landscaping. Please give a round of applause to our November 2023 Yard-of-the-Month recipient, Mr. Alex Self!