Yard-of-the-Month - 2022
Williamsburg Settlement
the prestigious Katy community

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Each month the yards in our subdivision are judged. If the resident of the one that is considered to have the best display has not won the award within the last two years, is in good standing with the Association and agrees to accept the accolade, it is designated as the Yard-of-the-Month. A sign is placed in that yard throughout the duration of the month, a photograph and write-up are posted here on this web site and the winners are mentioned in our monthly newsletter.

Latest Award
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January Winner - Nelson and Natalie Grubbs of 22330 Wetherburn Lane.  
YOM Co-chairs:  Shelley Morales
                            Niki Dillon
Photos by:          Jerrie St. Amant
Nelson and Natalie have been residents of the Settlement for 10 years and 3 months. They have six children, three boys and three girls, from 18-27 years old. They currently have two girls at Texas A&M and are newly empty nesters. 

Natalie works in new home sales for DR Horton. Nelson is enjoying his retirement. They both love entertaining friends in their new outdoor kitchen. 

The Grubbs enjoy the neighborhood for its location, older architecture, and established trees. They appreciate great neighbors and the feeling of safety within the community.
They recently remodeled the outside of their home and yard. Their beautiful landscaping was inspired by the entrance of one of her D.R. Horton neighborhoods and the result is stunning. They also recently remodeled their backyard as well where they are enjoying their outdoor kitchen and pool.

Congratulations to the Grubbs Family for being the recipient of the Yard of the Month for January 2022. Your home's beautiful contribution to the Settlement is greatly appreciated by all.

February Winner - Chris and Shannon Henderson of 22114 Wetherburn Lane.  
Chris and Shannon have lived in Williamsburg Settlement for the past 20 years. They have enjoyed our neighborhood for many reasons, but most importantly for the large yards, mature trees, and peacefulness it provides.

Chris has been the proud owner of a landscaping business named “Lawn Solutions” for the past 29 years. It’s no mystery as to why his yard looks as gorgeous as it does! In his spare time, Chris enjoys hunting and traveling. Shannon has been in the funeral industry for over 17 years. She too enjoys traveling, true crime mysteries, and spending time with her close friends. The Henderson’s have one “dog-ter” named Heidi, whom they both love and adore.

Their beautiful yard includes pine trees, blue ice cypress trees and maple trees. It’s further adorned with an array of colorful alyssums, pansies, and snapdragons planted throughout. The beautiful landscaping was done by Chris’s business, Lawn Solutions, and is nothing short of spectacular.

Congratulations to the Henderson Family for being the recipient of the Yard of the Month for February 2022. Your home’s beautiful contribution to the Settlement is greatly appreciated by all.

March Winner - The Barnette’s at 1506 Calveryman Lane.
The Barnettes have lived in the Settlement for 38 years and have five grown children, five grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. 

Mike is now retired and has been enjoying his retirement for the last four years. In retirement he has been delighting in his hobbies where he works on classic cars and is a self-proclaimed model railroad fanatic. Peggy works as a Paralegal and has worked downtown for the past forty years. In Peggy’s free time she enjoys weaving and knitting. Peggy also spins her own yarn! 

The Barnette’s yard is beautifully landscaped with two live oaks and a large sago palm which are original to the house. Unfortunately, their other sago palm was lost in the freeze of ’21. Their flowerbeds are embellished with purple heart, agapanthus, foxtail, and asperagus ferns. You will also find variegated ginger, assorted ornamental grasses and flowering annuals, currently pansies.

The Barnettes have loved living in the Settlement all these years in part due to their great neighbors. Mike and Peggy find joy in visiting with their neighbors while walking their dog and remarked that “raising a family here was a real joy.” 

Congratulations Mike and Peggy Barnette on receiving our Yard of the Month award for March 2022. Thank you for contributing to the beauty of our neighborhood for so many years. 
April Winner - Bob and Merrye Gratzer of 22450 Bucktrout Lane
Bob and Merrye Gratzer have lived in the Settlement for the past year and a half and have been residents of the Katy area for the past 44 years. Mr. and Mrs. Gratzer have three grown children and five grandchildren, four of which are in their teens. The beautiful pool and patio in the backyard keep their grandchildren coming for frequent visits to their beloved Grammie and Poppa Bob’s house.

Bob Gratzer is a retired law-enforcement officer and is semi-retired from his landscaping business. He maintains his and Merrye’s gorgeous yard and gets occasional help from his old crew on the heavier work when needed. Mary is a retired KISD teacher who still subs in several junior high schools in the district. She’s in charge of planting and maintaining flowers in the yard, changing out the seasonal yard décor, maintaining and growing the vegetable garden, and maintaining the pool. These two obviously stay quite busy!

The Gratzer’s love the friendliness of our neighborhood. They met several of their neighbors within the first week of moving into the Settlement which was a pleasant experience for them. They like how the residents will wave or say hello when walking by and were equally happy to see the children in the Settlement do the same while making their way to the bus stops in the mornings. They also discovered many of their friends lived in the neighborhood, a bonus of being longtime residents of the Katy area for the past four decades. Bob and Merrye can’t help but wonder why they didn’t move to the Settlement sooner.

They feel fortunate to have inherited a beautifully landscaped yard when they moved into the neighborhood. Like many of us, the Gratzer’s lost many plants in last year’s freeze but have diligently been working on bringing their yard back to life.

The front beds are beautifully adorned with blue plumbago and spirea (bridal wreath) throughout. Bob and Merrye put in several new Japanese Yews that line the back fence and love watching their Leopard plant bloom with beautiful yellow flowers at the end of the summer. Merrye changes out the flowers with each new season for added color and texture. She urges the neighbors to stop by and admire the yard in later spring when her flowers and Crepe Myrtles are in full bloom. 
You might catch Bob and Merrye sitting on their relaxing front porch enjoying time together in their rocking chairs. If you do, be sure to stop and say hello!

May Winner - Randy and Cathie Lusby of 1722 Palace Green
Randy and Cathie Lusby have lived in the Settlement for 41 years. Mr. and Mrs. Lusby have two grown children and two grandchildren. Both of their children are married and reside in Old Katy. Their daughter has 2 girls, one has graduated from Katy and is a Junior in college, the other is a Junior at Katy High.

Cathie and Randy are both retired and live in the same house they’ve lived in since moving here. Their dog, Baxter, shares the house with them (actually, he thinks it’s his house). He’s pretty spoiled, and you might see them in their silver SUV driving him around for his daily ride. Both Mr. and Mrs. Lusby stay busy with volunteer work and getting together with family and friends. Randy also serves as a director of MUD 61. Randy is a long-time season ticket holder of Katy football and also enjoys going to various Katy ISD baseball games.

The Lusby’s always regarded this neighborhood as one of the best kept secrets in the area. In today’s terms, lots are big and the houses are roomy. It’s a tight knit neighborhood with good people living here.

They regard their yard as fairly simple and try to keep it well groomed. Their home and trees are well lit in the evening and at night. The front yard is highlighted by several large trees. One is a pine that was an original tree from the builder. They also have a large live oak and an elm tree. Even though it’s in the backyard, the top of a very large oak can be seen above the roof of the house from the street. The tree has a history. It was hand dug from a friend’s farm in Brenham, TX and had been growing under a canopy of larger oaks. It was located by an old confederate well on the property. It seems to have found a nice home on their lot for at least the last 35 years.

Congratulations Randy and Cathie Lusby on receiving our Yard of the Month award for May 2022. Thank you for contributing to the beauty of our neighborhood.